TahirApr 28, 2021
First Capital Leasing provides us best service which is quick and in a timely manner. Tina and Dominique are very cooperating and understand customers' needs completely. We are satisfied with…Read more...
David K.Feb 23, 2021
Very friendly & knowledgeable staff that really simplify the funding process.
Brad M.Feb 22, 2021
It's been a pleasure working with everyone at First Capital Leasing. They make it easy for me to provide a quick reference leasing quote to a customer and then I can leave it to them to finish…Read more...
Ed J.Oct 28, 2020
Great service and timely responses from Brayden. Awesome working with you and the team from First Capital.
Chichi L.Aug 22, 2022
I have been scammed several times in a month by fake reviews lost 6250USD because i trusted a wrong platform they have zero knowledge no experience about cryptocurrency, Be very careful when choosing…Read more...
Sam H.Aug 19, 2022
Process was pretty quick, they’re extremely accommodating with tough schedules, and make it very easy to get through the process.
Big thank you to Kent and Natasha!
Shane M.Jul 25, 2022
Sonya was truly amazing in getting resolution on my lease buyout.
Ijioma M.Jul 5, 2022
Trading $500 to earn $6,250😃😃 is something I never expected after seeing many recommendations here on Facebook ❤❤❤✅. A big thank you to you MR Kevin McCarthy on your good skill of…Read more...
Linda A.Jul 5, 2022
I have always had EXCELLENT service. So polite and accomodating
C.Kerry I. R.Jun 16, 2022
I've used 1st Cap for all my leasing requirements over the last few years. Tina and Dominque just 'handle it'. Tell them what you need and when you need it and they'll get it…Read more...
Shawn B.Jun 15, 2022
They were very prompt and helpful with all of my finance requirements. It was greatly appreciated. Thank you
Kevin M.Jun 8, 2022
The people at first capital leasing are the best. In the past I have dealt with a couple other leasing companies, not the same. The level of service can not be matched
Tyler H.May 12, 2022
Tina and Natasha went the extra mile (and a half!) helping me into my first piece of equipment. My situation was not typical but their fast response and positivity made for a good experience. …Read more...
Lisa W.May 3, 2022
We have used First Capital Leasing for all of our leased equipment over the last 10 years. They are easy to work with, know what they are doing, and always able to work with the tight timelines we…Read more...
Pam M.Apr 29, 2022
Everyone involved in this business is truly amazing. We started our company 7 years ago and got our forms and trailers and we still are using them today. They make the whole process fast, easy…Read more...
Roman Y.Apr 27, 2022
We run an Office Trailer company in Calgary. Tina and her colleagues were very friendly, experienced, and well-organized in arranging our purchase deal. I recommend First Capital for your next financial needs.
SergioApr 25, 2022
Always happy with services from FIRST CAPITAL LEASING! Very nice team!
Jesse Brouse Apr 25, 2022
Our second time working with first capital leasing and it’s always been such an easy process!
Bruce H.Apr 22, 2022
Kent and his team are our first call for our financing needs. The have help us in many of our purchases. In fact they even caught errors in the calculations from a dealership that saved us money! …Read more...
Joe M.Apr 21, 2022
Excellent, Fast service!
Tracy C.Apr 4, 2022
Kent and Dominique are always great to deal with. The process is seamless and we often leave them with very tight timelines. This past purchase required a very quick turnaround and they ensured…Read more...
Sarich Ag Services Ltd Mar 17, 2022
First capital leasing was a pleasure to do business with. Even being a small business they welcomed me in. I was treated like a person and not number. It’s rare these days and I will continue to…Read more...
Alwin B.Mar 15, 2022
Over the last 10 years I have used First Capital leasing extensively. They have always been very professional and have done their best to supply me with good service.
Maya S.Mar 14, 2022
I’m very satisfied with the experience I’ve had with first capital. Tina & Natasha are just the sweetest to deal with. They made everything so easy & quick it was unreal. We’ll be coming back…Read more...
LaurenMar 9, 2022
Everything was wonderful! Thank you so much!
Randy W.Mar 8, 2022
Kent and Dominique at First Capital Leasing are very professional and well organized at satisfying their clients with leasing options..
I would recommend anyone interested,not to hesitate using their services..
Larry LeBlanc / Treadmill F.Mar 2, 2022
Being in sales, the ability to offer clients the opportunity to consider leasing fitness equipment as an option was a perfect option. Tina provided excellent service to both me as the sales rep…Read more...
Tom Wiebe Feb 28, 2022
Nothing but great service and friendly people. Look fwd. to using their services again. Thanjs.
Denise P.Feb 10, 2022
Tina and Dominque were fantastic for getting our lease(s) approved. They understand the urgency of getting approved to move forward with our business in the most effective way. I didn't feel…Read more...
Devin H.Feb 9, 2022
First time dealing with a lender for equipment. Seemed very transparent and easy to work with.
Steve A.Nov 29, 2021
awesome, and fast with approvals
Karthika B.Nov 24, 2021
First capital leasing helped our company Epoxy it when we had just started our business and we were struggling to grow. They have been our go to company for all our equipment leasing for 10 plus…Read more...
NatashaOct 19, 2021
Excellent service. Quick responses and were able to get a lease set up within 2 days. Thank you Tina and Dominique for making the process simple and fast.
Chris B.Sep 30, 2021
My experience with First Capital Leasing has been fantastic. Tina and her team have assisted me on 4 leases and I will continue to return to them to help me finance additional equipment as the need…Read more...
FrankSep 28, 2021
Great people quick service Tina truly one of few smart ones yet left she is best of the best an people she works with at office are best
Anytime Bush M.Sep 28, 2021
Excellent service every time from First Capital! Very prompt and professional. I give them 5 stars!
Teresa G.Sep 15, 2021
We have dealt with First Capital Leasing now for over 20 years. Kent & staff are knowledgeable, efficient and awesome to work with. I highly recommend their services and financing options for…Read more...
Steve O.Sep 14, 2021
a high level of professionalism, efficiency and more than a sprinkle of gratitude for doing business with them. That's the impression I get when dealing with the folks at First Capital. …Read more...
James Riddell Aug 13, 2021
My experience was great. Even though things didn’t look good to start with. Tina gave me the information needed to fix the problem and advise on how to do so. She stuck it out with me got what…Read more...
SamJul 8, 2021
Was a pleasure to work with Kent and Dominique. Will do business with them in the future.
Rob W.Jun 24, 2021
We at CFM Air Equipment, Calgary have used First Capital Lease as our sole financier for our customers since 2012 and have found them to be prompt, courteous and professional in all our and our…Read more...
Sara Jun 15, 2021
Amazing and knowledge service!
Vasily (Bill) Ambanoudis Jun 15, 2021
I have 3 goldfish
Clear Rush C.Jun 3, 2021
First Capital Leasing is an amazing company to work with, professional and friendly staff who are willing to work with us for all our leasing needs. Highly recommended!
Greg B.Jun 1, 2021
Tina is a dream to work with, I have been dealing with her for 10 years now and has always come through for my company. will be doing many more deals in the future as we grow! thanks team First…Read more...
Steve Tammy F.May 14, 2021
They are on it quickly, and so easy to work with and accommodating. Our GO TO company
John P.Apr 28, 2021
Very professional and helpful through the entire process.
Clayton Y.Apr 27, 2021
First Capital has always treated us awesome. As a business owner it is reassuring to know we have Kent and Dominique in our corner. We won’t use anyone else.
John H.Mar 31, 2021
I was super impressed how Natasha and Tina quickly got my paperwork together so I could get approved for a vehicle loan. They worked late 2 evenings in a row to meet the deadline. Thank you!
jonathan B.Mar 18, 2021
First Capitol Leasing is great, we continually rely on them to get the leases we need on the machinery we want. They make it easy.
Dean John P.Feb 16, 2021
Been a pleasure to deal with
Dean John P.Feb 16, 2021
Been a pleasure to deal with
Dean John P.Feb 16, 2021
Been a pleasure to deal with
Abe Thiessen Feb 10, 2021
Awesome ppl to work with never any issues whatsoever. Anytime I need anything their always there to help immediately. Would definitely recommend first capital leasing.
Mark L. W.Feb 9, 2021
Kent and Natasha were very professional in the way that they deal with their customers. I appreciated the promptness back to me on any questions that I needed. The services has been excellent thus far.
Jeff S.Dec 8, 2020
Tina and her team have been nothing but professional, honest, hard working and truly a pleasure to work with. We have relied on First Capital in the past and again recently with complete confidence…Read more...
Jeff O.Nov 27, 2020
Excellent service from all of the staff
Thanks again
Everything was great